Loaded with features – The new eCare+Voice Medical Alert System

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If you have a family member with a cognitive/mental disorder, you will always concern about the individual’s safety & well being. Also apart from worrying about the person, it is not feasible to monitor & supervise your loved one at all the times. This is where a device such as the eCare+Voice mobile medical alert system from Securus, Inc. becomes valuable. Read this article to know more about this new GPS safety device features.

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The Best way to keep your Teen Driver Safe

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The “It won’t happen to me” syndrome is the most common reason for teenage car accidents. As a parent, if you are worried every time your teen goes out for driving, eZoom fleet tracker from Securus, Inc. should be the best solution to your problem. Please read this article to know more about eZoom & how it helps to keep teen driver safe.

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Top Summer Tips for Pets

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As the temperature continues to rise in summer, it’s easy to forget how important it is to keep your pet cool in the heat. Check out this article for the tips to help your dog avoid the summertime blues

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Baby’s Day Out – Making it safer than before with eSafe Child Locator

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eSafe, the GPS Safety & Security devise from Securus Inc, helps parents in getting their child’s whereabouts around the clock. It offers unmatched peace of mind. Using the latest cellular network technologies & A-GPS (Assisted GPS), eSafe GPS child Tracker watches your child’s movements in & out of SafeSpots. A history of child’s past movement & location is also available online. Check out this article to learn more about how your baby’s day out can become safere using eSafe GPS Emergency GPS Locator.

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Learn How College Campuses Use CatchAThief GPS Tracker

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Property theft on college/University campuses is getting out of control. CatchAThief GPS Tracker is being used with great success in campuses all over the country, to monitor the location of commonly stolen items such as bicycles, cars or laptop bags etc. Check out this article to learn more about why campus police prefer & use CatchAThief GPS Theft Tracker.

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Participating in Campus Life Just Got Safer with eClick GPS Tracker

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News & reports of attacks on students & faculty members across the country in college campuses are prevalent. To solve this problem, Securus, Inc., a GPS safety & Security company, has developed eClick GPS Student Locator. eClick, uses the newest cellular network technologies, A-GPS (assisted GPS) & Wi-Fi hotspots & is at present the most precise, effective & efficient emergency GPS locator available in the market. Read this complete article to learn more about how campus life has become safer with eClick GPS Tracker.

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How Is eZoom GPS Locator Different From Other Trackers

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Researches illustrate that eZoom GPS, Securus, Inc.’s fleet tracker, can be used in a number of ways. In addition to improving the personal safety & security of your loved ones, it can also be used to track your laptop, bicycle, car and other belongings. Also eZoom GPS Locator is waterproof & durable and has a battery life of up to 21 days per charge. Read this article to learn more about how eZoom GPS tracker is different from other trackers.

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